Attorney Profile


Jeremy counsels businesses and individuals on a wide range of complex issues in his practice areas.

Jeremy has significant experience addressing a wide range of complex issues for many types of businesses in a variety of industries. He works with clients that have complex organizational and management structures, as well as small startup companies and individuals. He has experience representing large multi-national corporations and has been instrumental in establishing ties between U.S. and foreign parties to transactions while structuring the companies involved. He also assists with all long-term and day-to-day needs as necessary.

Jeremy’s clients include individuals and private businesses, nonprofit organizations, dietary supplement manufacturers, and gun enthusiasts, among others. In his capacity as legal counsel, he assists his clients with compliance matters in connection with FDA/FTC regulations, tax, labor, succession planning, real estate, land use, and more. He also teaches the legal portion of the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons course for NRA certified instructors and their companies throughout the State of Idaho.


Jeremy advises clients on a wide spectrum of legal topics, including:

  • Forming business entities and assisting them in defining the rights and relationships of owners, partners, etc.
  • Helping clients develop and implement business strategies, raising capital, obtaining credit facilities, negotiating joint ventures, planning for and executing on exit strategies, and managing business succession matters.
  • Our deep experience representing clients across a diverse range of industries permits us to offer practical counseling with a deep focus on the business bottom line.
  • Compliance and governance concerns.
  • Preparing gun trusts to protect against potential felonies.

He has extensive experience advising clients on a wide variety of issues affecting companies in a plethora of industries including finance, dental, technology, industrial, firearms, and dietary supplements, just to name a few.